Daniela Aránguiz confirm the breakup with Jorge Valdivia: “They have a history”

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influence her Daniela Aranguiz She remains very mysterious on her social networks about the situation with her husband Jorge “Mago” Valdivia. The couple had already stopped following on Instagram a while ago, but after speculation Daniela came out to clarify that they were together.

But now, the rumors of separation between the former soccer player and Daniela Aranguiz. The journalist Cecilia Gutiérrez gave information about the lovebirds.

In recent weeks the wife of Jorge Valdivia published strange messages that imply that they would no longer be together. “But in fact they tell me that they are distanced again, the magician with Daniela” began by saying the journalist Cecilia Gutiérrez.

Then he reported on where “El Mago” would be living: “Even El Mago spent the holidays and has been staying at home with his parents, who is not at home with Daniela“He later clarified how difficult it is to talk about this couple:” Now this couple is difficult to report because when one throws things, the next day they appear together, “commented the journalist with a laugh.

They have a history of comings and goings, let’s say, that it is difficult to launch with some confirmation of a term as suchbecause as I told them they always come back, I have received the information many times that the Magician is in the house of the popes” continued Cecilia.

Later, Gutiérrez mentioned the information that comes to him from the neighbors: “The neighbors tell me and they tell me hey, the Magician is staying at the parents’ house, the mother goes out to open the gate for him in the morning, in the afternoon when he arrives, he is staying here, they kicked him out of the house, and when I already have them, Daniela upload a photo of them together or a romantic story, then as I tell you, they have a history of very continuous comings and goings”.

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Finally, the journalist spoke about the current situation of Daniela Aranguiz with “El Mago”: “Now it happened that she uploaded stories that a long process was coming (in her Instagram profile picture), and it makes one think that she is separated, Adriana herself said that Dani wrote to her for the 18th to invite her to go taxiing with his sister. That’s what I was telling you, just on the 18th the Magician wasn’t at her house and she went out with single friends. Indeed, what they tell me is that now they are estranged, I don’t know tomorrow, I don’t dare say.”

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