Daniella Campos reveals difficult health: She has two tumors lodged in her head

Daniella fields revealed the difficult personal moment he faces: Two tumors were detected in his head, which must be removed by surgery.

The retired model talked to Jordi Castell en the Velvet Magazine online program, El Aperitivo, about his health problems, a space that he used to comment on how he has lived the pandemic with his daughter Maite.

“I believe that this pandemic has changed the lives of all of us, all of us, and I mean it globally and in all senses (?) As well as very good things have happened in my life, other things have also happened that again put difficult tests, important”, He highlighted.


As indicated to The fourth, the 44-year-old woman said that the operation will be performed at the German Clinic, the same place where a few years ago she underwent surgery on her eyeballs.

On Monday I have surgery again, Unfortunately. I thought that was over for me. But again we are going to pass a difficult test. On Monday I enter the pavilion first thing in the morning. I have two benign tumors on the front of my head, he detailed.

Daniella specified that the tumors are lodged in his two eyes: ” The left tumor, which is called a mucocele, has already impacted the eyeball and is displacing it. So, I am in a very particular situation ”.

Regarding how the news has been taken, he assured that very few people know, except some relatives and close friends.

He also confessed that for the second time he will undergo a complex intervention. However, the existence of his daughter Maite ” fills her with energy, courage, wanting to come back quickly, for everything to pass ”.

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