Danilevičs has been re-elected President of the Lithuanian Football Federation

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The current head of the organization Danilevičs and the head of the Vilnius Regional Football Union Paulius Malžinsks ran for the position of the president of the LFF.

Danilevich received 71 votes, while his opponent was voted only six times.

However, the LFF Congress was not without its curiosities, as neither the representatives of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) nor the representatives of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) could start their introductory speech at the beginning of the meeting. The officials were disturbed by an interpreter hired by the LFF, who spoke at the same time as representatives of FIFA and UEFA.

The questioning of candidates began around 2 p.m. For about an hour, Malžinsks answered the questions, but Danilevičs was addressed by only one LFF member.

Meanwhile, the head of the judiciary department Sergei Sliva was not afraid to insult Malzhinsky, who has recently lost transparency in his actions. The previous president was also criticized for his intentions to run in the parliamentary elections.

Danilevičs has been managing LFF since 2017.

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