“Danish Girl” is criticized by Eddie Redmayne for not being a transgender actor for admitting that it was a “mistake” | Position report

Oscar actor Eddie Redmayne once played a transgender person in the 2015 “Danish Girl”. Although the work has helped transgender issues into the mainstream, it has also been questioned about choosing cisgender men to play transgender roles, highlighting that the film industry is still dominated by cisgender men and the development of transgender actors has been stifled. Eddie Redmayne responded to the controversy in an interview with British media recently, admitting that the decision to participate in the performance was “a mistake” and that if he receives an invitation today, I am afraid that he will not take the shot.

Eddie Redmayne recentlySpeak bluntly to the Sunday TimesIf I receive the invitation today, I’m afraid I won’t take over the filming, “I took the film out of good intentions, but I think it was a mistake.”

Eddie Redmayne further pointed out that the bigger problem behind the controversy is that many people simply cannot participate in the audition.heVisit at IndieWireIt is also emphasized that the discussion of transgender role casting is important, and the production unit always pays attention to relevant awareness. Just as transgender actors are also involved in “Danish Girl”, Rebecca Root, who plays the role of a nurse, is a transgender person himself. “I hope that one day more transgender people can participate in transgender roles.”

As an actor, Eddie Redmayne “hopes to perform any role with integrity and responsibility.” When he appeared in “The Danish Girl”, he thought he was ready, but it still caused controversy. To this day, he has expressed his willingness to “continue to work hard to become an advocate for transgender issues.”

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