Danish Kaneria Ramiz Raja, Pakistan will lose if they don’t play the World Cup, India has no point, ex-pak bowler mocks – ex pak bowler danish kaneria on ramiz rajas world cup remark

Controversy continues over the BCCI’s stance on the 2023 Asia Cup and Pakistan’s plans to boycott next year’s ODI World Cup. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief Ramiz Raja’s remarks the other day caused a lot of controversy. Rameez’s comment was that if India does not come to Pakistan for the Asia Cup, Pakistan will boycott the ODI World Cup and if that happens, no one will watch the tournament.

Controversy started when BCCI Secretary Jai Shah said that Team India will not go to Pakistan for the 2023 Asia Cup and the venue should be shifted to the UAE. In response to this, the Pakistan board chief said that they will also boycott the World Cup in India. However, according to former Pakistani cricketer Danish Kaneria, the PCB is not capable of taking such a decision and boycotting it will not affect India.
The World Cup will have to be held without us and no one will see; Pakistan warns IndiaDespite these threats from the PCB, Kaneria feels that India will remain steadfast in their decision. The former player opined that it would be Pakistan’s loss if they decide not to play the World Cup. PCB has no guts to boycott an ICC event. On the other hand, India doesn’t care if Pakistan doesn’t come. They have a huge market which generates a lot of revenue. He also said that if he does not travel to India, it will affect Pakistan cricket.

The player believes that Pakistan will eventually go to India for the World Cup. Pakistan will say they have no choice because of ICC pressure. He added that if the ICC talks about skipping the event again and again, it will harm Pakistan cricket.
Former Indian players against Sanju’s dismissal in the second ODIWhile the ACC is yet to hold a meeting to discuss Jai Shah’s comments last month, Kaneria warned Ramis that teams like Bangladesh and Afghanistan are likely to join India in boycotting the 2023 Asia Cup due to the situation in Pakistan.

The Asia Cup is still a long time away. We cannot be sure whether everything will be fine in the country by then or whether the tournament will be held on Pakistani soil or not. We don’t know what the situation is. Apart from India, teams like Bangladesh and Afghanistan are also likely to refuse to travel to Pakistan. Pakistani people want Asia Cup to be played in their country. However, Kaneria said it was not clear whether that would happen due to the country’s situation.

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