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Dany Leprince gets new investigations

The Court of Revision on Thursday accepted the new investigations demanded by Dany Leprince, who asks for the review of his life sentence for the murders he contests of his brother, his sister-in-law and two nieces in 1994 in the Sarthe, announced Friday his lawyer at AFP.

The investigating committee of the Court orders “the realization of technical investigations (genetic and biological expertise of food bowls), in particular with regard to the evolution of knowledge and techniques of genetic research and comparisons”.

This additional information comes in response to the request filed on March 1 by Dany Leprince, 64, for a second trial and an acquittal.

A previous request by the convicted person had already led to the resumption of the investigations in 2006, but at their end the Court of Revision had refused in 2011 the holding of a new trial.

“This decision is an important rebound in the fight that leads Dany Leprince to have his innocence recognized”, welcomed Me Olivier Morice, his lawyer with Me Missiva Chermak-Felonneau.

“It already testifies to the interest accorded by the investigation committee, in particular to the testimonies produced in its request,” he added.

The new request was accompanied, among other things, by “certificates from persons likely to testify to new facts or elements unknown to the trial court” which sentenced Mr. Leprince in 1997 to life imprisonment with 22 years’ security.

“Dany Leprince is more than ever determined to make the truth triumph,” assured Me Morice.

At the end of these new investigations, the review committee will have two options: either it will consider that there is sufficient exculpatory evidence and will refer the case to the Court of Revision, which alone has the power to review a trial, or it will reject the request.

On September 4, 1994, Christian Leprince, 34, his wife and two of their daughters, aged 7 and 10, were found dead in their house in Thorigné-sur-Dué (Sarthe), beaten with a chopper. Only the youngest of the couple, Solène, aged 2, had survived the massacre.

Butcher in a slaughterhouse and breeder, Dany Leprince, then 37 years old, confessed at the end of his custody to the murder of his brother, after being denounced by his wife and eldest daughter.

Indicted for “intentional homicides with aggravating circumstances” and imprisoned, he quickly reversed his confession and has continued to proclaim his innocence since.

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