Dany S., the drunk driver who killed two people on the New Year, faces jail time

The night of December 31, 2018 was dark in Aiseau-Presles. Dany S. killed two people, Anthoni (20) and Nicolas (18) … and the circumstances are worse than a “simple” fatal accident.

At the wheel of his BMW, Dany S. was checked by the local police of Châtelet, earlier in the evening: he was positive for alcohol. But taken to the police station and a license withdrawal later, he was able to get out. He then took the wheel again, to go full force into a Citroën containing a family. He was going at extreme speeds, the first reports spoke of 150km / h before he lost control and caused a terrible accident. His two friends, with him in the car, died instantly. The occupants of the Citroën, an adult and four children, are doing better, but barely: three children will have to be hospitalized, seriously injured: concussion, fractured pelvis, broken jaw …

And the story does not end there, since while people, in a Mercedes, stop and place the injured children in their car while the help arrives, Dany S. gets out of his car, enters the car. Citroën he has just collided with and tries to start it to escape. Seeing that she no longer drives, he goes out again and this time gets into the Mercedes – the one with the children. It starts off with a bang, but does not go very far: it loses control again, and ends up in the side a few meters further.

Dany S., 27 years old today, appeared before the Charleroi criminal court on Monday, reports The New Gazette who attended the hearing. The public prosecutor requested 4 years in prison, including 37 months closed: in four years, the young driver of the BMW had already 10 convictions for driving. That night, he got back behind the wheel after a license withdrawal, after testing positive for alcohol. Further analyzes will show that he had also consumed cocaine. He tried to steal two cars, to flee the scene of an accident. He killed two people – his friends – and injured three children, whom he then attempted to kidnap.

The list of misdeeds is long. Dany S. recognizes some of the facts, note our colleagues from Sudpresse, but his lawyer reports that he does not remember anything after the first visit to the police station and asks for an acquittal for three charges, including the hit-and-run and theft.

The civil parties – the family injured in the accident, Anthoni’s parents and Nicolas’s parents – are demanding compensation: € 30,000 in damage for each victim killed. Judgment on December 14.

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