Dario Barassi recalled his first accident vacation with his wife: the photo of the critical moment

Darius Barassi

With more than three million followers on social media, Darius Barassi he usually shares moments of his family life with his followers. This time, he used Instagram to remember the first vacation he took with who today is his wife and mother of his daughter Emilia, Luli and true to his style, he used humor to laugh at an accident at the hotel where they went. There is a photo!

Year 2011. First trip with my family and whoever was or was my girlfriend and future wife Luli“He began by counting along with a photo of him and his partner ten years ago, embracing. Then, he went on and described the second image: “️On that trip I broke a deck chair ”.

Darío Barassi and his wife Luli, ten years ago
Darío Barassi and his wife Luli, ten years ago
The retro photo of Darío Barassi on the deck chair
The retro photo of Darío Barassi on the deck chair

“Ten years later, several trips and broken chairs in the middle, and you are still the woman of my life. What a thing with you, my fat, you are so part of my life and myself. I love you strong woman ”, closed the driver of 100 Argentines say his post that got more than one hundred thousand likes in less than eight hours.

In the second photo, that of the “accident”, you can see the actor and driver dressed in blue, leaning on a white plastic deck chair making him sunbathe quietly, but the legs of the furniture are broken in the best “look at me and don’t touch me” style.

Darío, a native of San Juan, and Lucía Gómez Centurión have been together since 2010. The now former lawyer, after shining in the play Chicos Católicos, won a scholarship to study musical theater in New York in 2013. That experience was revealing: in the Big Apple he decided that he would leave the law and that he would marry who was his girlfriend. Two years later they went through the civil registry, the religious ceremony was in the San Benito church in the Las Cañitas neighborhood and the party, in La Rural. They went to Europe for a month on their honeymoon.

They met in San Juan at the age of 16. When they came to live in Buenos Aires they were from the same group. “We were making a bond, because we were the only ones who went to the theater, we saw everything and we even got into the Colón for two handles. My head exploded … I did all that enriching path with her. He made me the prawn, because my friends preserves all that trip was zero for them. Together we discover another Baires. I was up to the hands from day one “.

One night they went to a pool bar on Arenales Street and Barassi took a few clerics to encourage him to tell him what he felt. “We said, ‘I have to tell you something.’ Whoops! And at the same time, the moment I say ‘I like you!’, She shoots: ‘I went back to my ex!’ Uff … From then on, everything was so cumbersome that our coexistence became complicated ”.

Darío Barassi with his wife Luli and his daughter Emilia
Darío Barassi with his wife Luli and his daughter Emilia

Some time later they met again in Mar del Plata, she was already separated, and while they were sunbathing, the little fingers began to intersect. They walked along the beach and kissed each other. The first formal date was at a restaurant in Palermo, on February 14. “She didn’t encourage me to kiss her. So we went to his house ‘to see a movie …’. He had no air conditioning and, stuck to a turbo, on the verge of dehydration, I jumped on him: ‘Let’s go forward!’ ”.

On June 19, 2019, the couple sealed their love forever with the arrival of Emilia, his first daughter and his unconditional partner in his Instagram posts, even though he never showed his face.


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