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Darkness caused by asteroid’s fall in dinosaur time extinguished life on Earth in nine months

New studies have just shown that the fall of the asteroid during the time of the dinosaurs was only the first stage of the apocalypse that followed which totally destabilized the ecosystem in place at that time. The impact of the celestial body spawned huge unstoppable forest fires and it is the generated fumes and soot that are the main cause of the extinction of life on Earth and environmental changes.

Image illustrating the asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs from Earth – Source: Pixabay

Sunlight is one of the essential components for life on Earth to be possible. However, the thick fumes being so important that they simply blocked this light, thus preventing life from developing. In addition, these fumes being of course very toxic, the air had become unbreathable and it only took nine months for most of the living species to disappear.

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Most of the species killed on the impact of the asteroid

This event took place about 66 million years ago. Upon impact, most of the species immediately disappeared. If it hadn’t been for so much smoke, ash, and other toxic particles that enveloped most of the Earth, then perhaps many species could have survived. But on the contrary, it took a few months for almost all life to slowly disappear.

The ecosystem that was in place also collapsed because photosynthesis was no longer taking place. We think that 75% of life on Earth has been suffocated by the consequences of the fall of this asteroide and in particular all avian dinosaurs.

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Maybe it’s thanks to this apocalypse that we’re here today

After this dark period in the history of our planet, everything had to start almost from zero. Slowly the light returned and life timidly restarted its natural cycle. Unlike the species that inhabited Earth before the asteroid impact new forms of life appeared and those which escaped their extinction continued to develop, adapting to a completely disrupted new environment.

The location of the asteroid’s impact is known, its crater is in the Gulf of Mexico near the Yucatan Peninsula. This crater is about 150 km in diameter and it is estimated that the asteroid’s was about 7.5 km when it crashed into the planet at over 44,000 km / h.

Source : SPACE.com

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