Darmanin wants reinforcement of sanitary pass controls

The Minister of the Interior calls on the prefects to bring together the departmental representatives of the sector.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin wrote to prefects on Monday asking them tofirmness»In the sanitary pass checks in restaurants, in the face of a rebound in the Covid-19 epidemic. “It is imperative to re-mobilize all the actors concerned by the application of the health pass in order to limit the effects of the new rise in contamination.“, Indicated the minister in his letter consulted by AFP.

«I ask you to bring together without delay the departmental representatives of the hotel and catering trades in order to remind them of their obligations relating to the health crisis.“, He added, referring to the control of the health pass of customers and employees. In this note, Gérald Darmanin also asks to “maintain a high level of mobilization“The police,”by resorting, if necessary, to the administrative closure of establishments». «We have already returned to the level of controls for the month of September. We must amplify this effort», He insisted.

“Control and have the pass controlled”

On Monday, the president of the employers’ union of independent hotel and restaurant workers, Didier Chenet, also called for better control of the health pass, denouncing those who do not and who do not. “Endanger” the whole profession “By exposing it to a general closure measure”. “Control and have the health pass of all your customers checked”, he asked, claiming to have “Again this weekend, personally observed a relaxation” of these checks, in a message to its members, following an interview with the Minister for SMEs, Alain Griset, devoted in particular to the health situation. “This time the defense of the profession does not depend on the government or your professional organizations but on you!”, he pleaded and spoke of a “Serious situation”.

The number of patients having contracted Covid-19 hospitalized in critical care is “relatively stable“And the consequences for the 5th wave hospital,”if it should happen“, Are not expected before”end of December or JanuaryThe authorities said on Monday.


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