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Who is Darwin Cipion? One more time, “”Dressed in mourning in August 2021. , the participant who met who would become her husband on the Univision program, passed away suddenly, at the age of 29.

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The couple entered the dating contest hosted by Ana Patricia Gámez and Rafael Araneda, where men and women participate in order to find the love of their lives, this is how among all the contestants they choose each other and decide to unite their lives forever.

Daniela and Darwin They were the first couple to make their romance official, causing great emotion in viewers, who followed their relationship through their social networks. The husbands were very active in their accounts Instagram and YouTube, where they used to share their lives. Unfortunately, the young woman passed away suddenly, leaving her loved ones and fans heartbroken.

Daniela and Darwin were the first couple to make their romance official in the program (Photo: Daniela Rodríguez / Instagram)


Darwin Cipion became known by participating in the reality show “Falling in love”, where he met the makeup artist. It is originally from Dominican Republic but it lies in New York several years. When he began his courtship with Daniela, she lived in Atlanta, so they were forced to maintain a long distance relationship.


The September 27, 2020, the couple got engaged on the set of the reality show that brought them together and seven months later they got married in Atlanta; however, they returned to the studio to say yes again in front of the screens. The young people showed great complicity and respect, which was recorded for eternity.


After four happy months of marriage, the spouses decided to travel to Mexico to visit the family of Daniela, as well as for the young woman to attend an appointment with the dermatologist for some hair loss problems that tormented her, without imagining it she would spend the afternoon of August 25th.

The makeup artist attended the doctor in the company of her grandmother and husband, when she suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest that would take her life instantly. This is how he died in one of the streets of the city of Hot Waters and although she was treated immediately, she could not recover.

“I will always take care of you, even if you have left me. I will always love you, until always my beautiful mors ”, shared in a farewell publication Cipión in his account of Instagram.


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