‘Dasaratha Putran Raman’ Petty of Chadayamangalam Police; Cut, including SI | ‘Dasaratha Putran Raman’ Chadayamangalam Police Petty; Cuts including SI

Chadayamangalam (Kollam): The fine imposed by the Chadayamangalam police on ‘Dasaratha Putran Raman’ was discussed on social media. A passenger of a car who was arrested for not wearing a seat belt during a search of a vehicle has given a false address to the police.

The incident took place on the 12th. When asked to name the receipt for the offense, the driver replied that his name was Ram and his father’s name was Dasarathan. He said the place was Ayodhya. Accordingly, the ‘Raman of Ayodhya’ was fined Rs 500 and given a receipt by the police for traveling without wearing a seat belt.

Chadayamangalam then spread the word on social media, including the sealed receipt of the police. According to the police, the passenger had recorded the address given by the youth and was fined. The video was spread after the police were tricked into giving a false address.

With this, the grade SI of the station where the fine was imposed was cut off. Chadayamangalam police said the car belonged to a Kattakada resident but it was not clear whether it was the owner who was traveling.


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