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The end of 2020 will be the scene of a new generation of video game consoles. Faced with the Xbox (Series X) already unveiled by Microsoft, the future Sony PlayStation 5 remains a well-kept secret. But for several months, leaks have given us a more precise idea.

Credits: Sony.

In October 2019, Sony officially announced the coming of its fifth console of the name, the PlayStation 5. The subject of many rumors even before this formalization, it has since been the subject of innumerable leaks. Patent diagrams, photos, emails… there is a lot of non-certified information gleaned here and there for months. The year 2020 has now started, we take this opportunity to recap a maximum official information but also rumors to be taken with tweezers about the PS5. Note that this file is subject to modifications over the course of new developments which will follow its publication.

When will the PS5 be released?

The only official launch date given so far by Sony, the Japanese manufacturer of PlayStation consoles, corresponds to end of year celebrations 2020. November 20, 2020 nevertheless returns several times in certain leaks. A recent leak to be taken with tweezers because it is not sourced suggests that Sony should give more details during an event apparently scheduled for February 5. The dates of February 12-13 are also possible, according to information extracted from a mysterious August 2019 email.

What will be the price of the Playstation 5?

PS5 price leaked according to several leaks 499 dollars (therefore, probably € 449). Finally, as with the PS4 in 2013, the PS5 should only come in the form of a single model when it is first marketed.

What will it look like?

Credits: Let’s Go Digital.

At the moment, the only glimpses of the exterior of the PS5 come from photos of its development kit. Addressed specifically to video game developers, it could therefore not correspond to the final design of the console, once marketed. The prototypical design visible above does not have the sobriety and linearity of previous generations. The top of the console forms a huge “V” shape from which there are several ventilation grilles. According to a reporter from Wired, if the development version of this console took this form, it was to facilitate the stacking of several of them.

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What will be the characteristics of the PS5?

In May, during a presentation of the performance of PS5 prototypes, Sony had already demonstrated the speed of loading of his future console. Loading the same level of the game Marvel’s Spider-Man put 8 seconds on the PS4 Pro against 0.83 seconds for their “Next-gen console” now officially known as PlayStation 5. As one leak cited above, the PS5 should benefit from nearly 10 teraflops of power (compared to the 12 teraflops of the next Xbox). In addition, the Japanese firm confirmed that it had equipped its future console with a GPU specially designed by AMD and a 4K Blu-Ray player able to read 100 GB optical discs. About the GPU, Mark Cerny, one of the designers of the PS4 and PS5, confirmed to Wired that he will be equipped with the technology of “Ray tracing”, greatly improving the rendering of computer generated images. On the storage side, the PS5 would arm itself with an SSD disk “Incredibly fast” benefiting a completely redesigned user interface. This will give players the opportunity to join any online multiplayer game in progress or to continue such or such mission of one of its solo games in a single action. Finally, Mark Cerny announces that the PS5 will launch a new “Standard meter” in terms of audio quality, in the middle of consoles.

In addition, a patent filed by Sony could put memory cartridges back in the spotlight with the PS5. These, originally interpreted for game cartridges, would in fact be thought to store “Images, characters, sounds or an entire program”. They would function as multi-terabyte external SSDs of memory. Obviously, like the other patent filings discovered here and there, it could be that this new concept of game cartridges is never really born.

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What are the first games announced?

Unlike the future Xbox (Series X), the PlayStation 5 currently has very few video games ready to accompany its release. One of the only known to date is called Godfall, officially planned for PS5 but also for PC. Presented for the first time at the 2019 Game Awards ceremony, the latter is a slasher in the third person taking place in a new fantasy universe. Like the PS5, its release is scheduled for the holiday season 2020. Other games planned for the end of the year, like Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 (whose prequel was released on PS4) until then only announced for the Xbox Series X, will probably also be ported to PS5. Titles still without release date like Watch Dogs: Legion or Gods and monsters should most likely be released on PS5 as well.

New multi-player options on the PS5?

When the fifth generation PlayStation was officially announced in October 2019, its maker, Sony, promised to focus on a diversification of controls given by DualShocks. According to recent images from patent filings, the new generation of controllers (called DualShock 5) should be tapered to accommodate larger triggers. In addition, it would not have a Light Bar and a micro-USB socket, but would include a microphone grid to include a speaker function and a Jack 3.5 port. Above all, the controllers of the PS5 would arm with a configurable touch screen.

From the functional point of view, they would be able to configure a new kind of multiplayer : the two-against-two with six players. In other words, for example in a fighting game, three players with three controllers each could control a character simultaneously while three other players would similarly control the commands of his opponent. Finally, on the PlayStation VR side, the future DualShocks 5 may be able to open the way to a new type of virtual reality game from a distance. Could PS5 give birth to a PS VR 2?

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Backward compatibility and other specificities?

Last October, Sony also claimed to make its new console backwards compatible with at least all video games released on PS4. According to some rumors, the PS5 would be able to accommodate many more retro games in its player. Like the full backward compatibility guaranteed by Microsoft for the Xbox (Series X), the PS5 should be able to launch any video game from PS1 to PS4, thanks to a mysterious “Remastering process” internal. We will have to wait for more official information to be sure.

In addition, here also in parallel with Microsoft’s Game Pass and Xbox Play Anywhere, the PlayStation Now should undergo some modifications with the arrival of the PS5. According to a recent leak, the online service should go into Monthly subscription. Sony plans to offer three months of free PS Now with every purchase of a PS5. In addition, the latter should include the Remote play, allowing to play as well on smartphone or tablet as on computer.

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