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Ironman Hawaii 21: In October 2021, the world-famous triathlon should take place again after the cancellation in the previous year. Now it has been postponed again – to February 2022.

Ironman Hawaii 2022: After the cancellation of the Triathlons Last year, athletes should be allowed to start again on October 9, 2021. However, this date has now been postponed again. The famous competition is scheduled to take place for the next time on February 5, 2022. As soon as more details are known, you will find dates, schedule and all information about broadcasting on free TV and stream of the here Ironman 2022 in Hawaii.

Ironman 2021 in Hawaii: Cancellation of the date in October

In mid-August 2021, the incumbent Governor Roth announced that another postponement of the Ironman competition in Hawaii was very likely due to the ongoing pandemic. Since the number of infections is increasing and, as usual, many spectators are expected for the triathlon, those responsible expected a cancellation of this year’s Ironman on October 9, 2021, which actually happened. The February 5, 2022 acted. According to the organizer, the reason for the cancellation is another wave of infections in Hawaii, which is worse than all previous ones. In order to protect participants, helpers and spectators, it was decided with a heavy heart to postpone the Ironman. German triathlon professionals like Jan Frodeno were disappointed with the cancellation. The decision itself is not criticized, but crisis management and communication by the organizer.

Ironman Hawaii: The most famous triathlon in the world

World famous and notorious: The Ironman in Hawaii is a historic and particularly demanding triathlon. It was held for the first time in 1978 and has been since then the oldest Triathlon over the long distance. Thousands of professionals and amateurs take part in the endurance competition on the US archipelago every year and compete in swimming (3.86 km), cycling (180.2 km) and running (42.195 km). In addition to numerous famous winners, the competition also produced the Ironman brand, which organizes triathlons all over the world. International athletes can use these events to qualify for the race in Hawaii.

Challenging venue: Ironman in Hawaii

The venue for the Ironman is Hawaii Kailua-Kona on the Big Island. The region is considered dry with a comparatively low annual rainfall and does not contain any rivers. In the north of Kona is the active Volcano Hualaal. The climatic conditions in combination with the long distances in swimming, cycling and running make the triathlon one of the most demanding in the world. The participants swim in the open sea of ​​the Pacific and then fight in the Lavawüste Hawaiis continue for top placements. Sudden cross winds and a hilly landscape become a challenge when cycling, before the athletes set off for the final run in more than 30 degrees and little shade.

Ironman Hawaii 2019: Two German winners for the first time

On October 12, 2019, at Ironman Hawaii, two Germans were the first to cross the finish line for the first time. German participants made the race for both women and men. For Jan Frodeno it was the third victory so far, with which he was even able to undercut the course record. The female winner Anne Haug is the first German participant to win the Ironman in 2019.

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