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One of the pending tasks that the new Government will have to attend to is economic reactivation. In this context, 71% of Peruvians consider that the new management should prioritize having loans for small and medium enterprises (46%) and promoting large investment projects (example: mining) (25%), according to the latest survey by Datum.

These two highlights are transversal in almost all areas of the country, although in different percentages: Lima and Callao (78%), north (64%), center (73%) and south (70%).

Meanwhile, in the eastern zone, 41% put credit for SMEs as a priority, but in second place is the increase in the distribution of social bonds (24%); in fact, in the north the issue of bonds also stands out (20%).

It should be noted that after the fall of 11.1% in 2020, the Central Reserve Bank (BCR) expects an expansion of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 10.7% for this year; although some analysts have estimated a result around 9%.

Fight against pandemic

While the Government takes the corresponding actions to boost the economy, it cannot neglect the fight against the covid-19 pandemic. In this sense, about half of those surveyed (49%) considered that the new administration should call on the private sector to be an ally in the fight.

This response occurred in all areas of the country, although not in the same percentages: it was in Lima and Callao (58%), the south (47%) and the north (45%) where this approach was most supported. On the other hand, in the east (39%) and the center (36%) it was to a lesser extent.

Change of the Constitution

Peru Libre (PL) has proposed to change the Political Constitution of Peru. Álex Paredes, elected congressman and spokesman for the PL bench, affirmed that in order to convene a Constituent Assembly, one option is to make changes to the 1993 Magna Carta in Congress.

Faced with this, 43% of those surveyed responded that the role of Pedro Castillo before this possibility should be to negotiate partial reforms, respecting the current Constitution; while 28% considered that the president-elect should not change anything and, rather, would have to respect the current constitution.

In detail, when consulting the magnitude of a possible change in the Constitution, 58% bet on not touching the Magna Carta or on partial changes, while 28% want to have a totally new one. There is 10% who agree with a substantial change in the text.

The majority in stratum A / B (54%) and C (50%) consider that a change in the current Constitution should only be partial.

Delinquency and crime. According to the Datum survey, 68% of Peruvians considered that the new Government should prioritize increasing the penalties against criminals and have the entry of the Armed Forces into the fight. This is transversal to all areas of Peru, especially in the north (72%).


Objective group: From 18 to more years of age, of all SES, considering urban and rural areas. Sample size: 1,201 effective surveys. Error range: +/- 2.8%, with a confidence level of 95%. Technique: On-site surveys at home.


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