Daughter-in-law is pregnant with 8 babies… Mother-in-law is worried about the burden “Just keep one or two.” Doctor shakes his head: I suggest you get rid of them all | International | CTWANT

Although the doctor recommends all of them to be destroyed, pregnant women still want to keep 4 or 5 of them. (Picture/Retrieved from Star Video)

It may be hard for most people to conceive a child, not to mention multiple births. A pregnant woman in Henan Province, mainland China, took an ultrasound scan and found out that she was pregnant with eight births. The mother-in-law believed that if the situation permits, two of them should be kept, for fear that the adult will not be able to bear it. The doctor said that this was caused by the irregular use of ovulation-stimulating drugs.

According to a report by Lu Media’s “Jimu News”, a pregnant woman in Zhengzhou, Henan Province revealed that she wanted to treat irregular menstruation, but later became pregnant with 8 births by accident. Her mother-in-law thinks that the burden of 8 children is heavy, and if the body allows it, two will be kept, otherwise there will be more, for fear that the adult’s body will not be able to bear it.

The hospital in question responded that it had heard about octuplets, but the specific situation was not clear. Zhengzhou Women’s Federation staff said that they would intervene in this matter to see if they can help the woman in question.

Guan Yichun, chief physician of the Department of Reproductive Medicine, Henan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, pointed out that multiple pregnancy is very harmful to the mother and the fetus. The next step is to perform fetal reduction surgery on pregnant women. In the past, they have also encountered irregular use of ovulation-stimulating drugs, leading to multiple pregnancies. Guan Yichun said, “I have seen up to 9 births.”

After the news was exposed, discussions were triggered. Netizens left messages suggesting “Listen to the doctor’s advice. Both the mother and the child must ensure adequate nutrition, otherwise it will be difficult to bring them after birth.” If there are too many births, the probability of giving birth is also frail and sickly.”


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