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Daughter Liesbeth List pays musical tribute to deceased mother | NOW


Elisah Baijens, the daughter of Liesbeth List, pays her personal musical tribute to her mother, who died last week. Shortly after List died, Baijens sang her version of the song From today.

In a press release, Baijens announces that he wants to share the song “with everyone for whom List has meant something”.

“My mother has been extensively commemorated on television, in newspapers, on the radio. Her many fans have also written loving messages about her via social media,” continues Baijens.

“Given the current circumstances, we had to say goodbye to her without a funeral that she would have been able to match, who would have suited her, who she was with, the Liesbeth List that touched so many as a chansonnière.”

The song From today was made by Maarten Peters and Belinda Meuldijk and was released in 2004 by Rob de Nijs. Peters sang it during the funeral of List’s husband, Robert Braaksma.



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