David Dehenauw warns: ‘Eunice? Could be the worst storm for 30 years’

The Royal Institute of Meteorology warns this Thursday against the passage of a storm tomorrow between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. Wind gusts could reach 120 km/h or even 150 km/h in Flanders. West Flanders and the coastal region could thus come under red vigilance. “The damage could be extensive and significant in certain regions”ends the MRI.

The meteorologist, David Dehenauw, in turn alerts our colleagues from Het Laatste Nieuws this Thursday morning. According to him, in the most pessimistic case, Eunice could be the worst storm since 1990. “The red alert for the wind is activated very rarely, if ever. Wind gusts of up to 120 km/h occur every five to ten years. The previous gust of wind measured at 133 km/h h dates from 2002 in Middelkerke. For gusts of wind of 140 km/h, it is necessary to go back up to 30 years, and the storm of January 25, 1990”he presses.

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