Dávinson Sánchez in the eye of the hurricane: Mourinho expressed his dissatisfaction with Tottenham players | UEFA Europa League

Bitter-flavored tie, this was Tottenham’s 3-3 with LASK, Austria, on the fifth day of the Europa League. Mourinho’s men allowed themselves to tie the game in the last minute, compromising their classification to the next phase.

After finishing the game, the Portuguese coach expressed his dissatisfaction with all the players on his team, except for the South Korean Son and Pierre Højbjerg, whom he highlighted for their professionalism.

Dávinson Sánchez was a starter in this international meeting, however, his performance and that of some of his teammates did not convince the Portuguese, this being a factor against the Colombian, who with the passing of the days has lost prominence with the Spurs.

“The result was better than the performance. Some players, individually, very good. Some players, individually, very poor. It is a matter of attitude. When I saw the warm-up I had that feeling and I told the players that there was a big difference in intensity, communication and enthusiasm between our warm-up and theirs (LASK). I’m not surprised “said ‘Mou’.

He added: “Actually, nothing new. The fact is that the group stage does not motivate some players. When we go to Antwerp, to Ludogorets, to Linz, the stadium, the weather, the emptiness, the atmosphere. I have the feeling that some of the players feel like they shouldn’t be here. “

Finally, in the midst of anger, Mourinho recognized the work of some of his managers, putting them as an example, and also exposed the other members of the team as the culprits of the draw in the Europa League.

“The contradiction is that players like Son and Pierre start every game and are examples for the guys that it doesn’t matter where or what competition is being played. They are there all the time. Without them, I don’t think we will have a positive result, “he concluded.

The strategist’s statements leave the players who were on the court very badly, including Dávinson, who like the Colombian, are alternates of the main team.


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