Davis shot 5 of 18 shots, the Lakers are always limited to activate the thick eyebrows, a long way to go

Original title: Davis shot 5 of 18 shots, the Lakers are always limited to activate the thick eyebrows, a long way to go

On October 15, Beijing time, the NBA preseason continued. The Lakers, who had not won the preseason, visited the home court of the Kings. In this game, the Lakers played all the main players, James, Westbrook, and Davis all started. Continue to test the running-in and tacit understanding of the Big Three. James and Westbrook allocated the ball in the backcourt in the previous game. The interaction between Shao and Davis is the highlight, and whether Davis can get together with Westbrook is the focus of investigation.

In the game, Davis made 5 of 18 shots and scored 14 points and 12 rebounds, but the game was restricted everywhere.

The Lakers continued to start with the Twin Towers. This campaign is Jordan’s starting partner Davis. Davis started slowly. It may also be because the starting space of the Twin Towers is limited. Davis did not complete his first shot until 9 minutes and 04 seconds. At 7 minutes and 17 seconds, Davis got another chance to make a mid-range shot, but unfortunately he missed the shot. At 6 minutes and 37 seconds, Davis felt cold and even missed a technical free throw. Later, Davis got the opportunity to attack the basket, but missed the layup.

Nearly half of the first quarter, Davis finally scored the first goal with the assist of James. At this time, Jordan was also replaced. The Lakers began to use Davis as center. Being closer to the basket also gave Davis a chance to protect the rebound. But Davis still felt cold, 3 minutes and 52 seconds, and shot again. He missed a free throw and the layup passed to him after his teammate grabbed the offensive rebound was still wide. At 1 minute and 18 seconds, Davis once again got a technical free throw opportunity. This time he finally made a free throw. At the end of the quarter, he seemed to have recovered the feeling of the game. He had a second offensive opportunity at the basket and scored 6 points. End the first section.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Davis was replaced and rested until 6 minutes and 29 seconds, when he played the twin towers with his old teammate Howard, but the effect was not good. Davis also had no advantage in the confrontation with the opponent’s main center, Holmes. Instead, his opponents frequently grabbed offensive rebounds from the basket and scored imposing goals. At 4 minutes and 37 seconds, the Lakers called out a timeout and replaced Howard, allowing Davis to play center again. At this time, the Lakers’ change has paid off. Under the organization of Westbrook and Rondo, Davis has successively got misplaced singles opportunities. He took the Kings defense and made a subtle air relay with Westbrook. At 3 minutes and 25 seconds, with Davis’s air contact, the Lakers equalized the score to 53-53.

At the end of the second quarter, the Lakers fell behind and Davis began to use offense to create opportunities for the team. In addition to singles to create kills, he also cleverly used space to attack the King’s small defense and scored with a 1:12 layup. , Davis has scored 14 points in the first half. But the Lakers ended the first half behind.

Easy side fights again, the Lakers replaced Jordan and played the Twin Towers, Davis began to be uncomfortable again, he frequently hit the basket with limited interior space, but also to look for opportunities outside the three-point line. Although the Lakers withdrew Jordan at 3 minutes and 24 seconds, Davis still felt cold and was replaced after 3 consecutive missed shots.

In the fourth quarter, the Lakers uncharacteristically used the main force to play against, Davis was also substituted at 7 minutes and 21 seconds. At this time Westbrook organized the team’s offense, but Davis didn’t have enough tacit understanding with him. Whether it was a low post or pick-and-roll, Davis and Westbrook were not at the same rhythm point. Davis didn’t score a point in the fourth quarter. , Was replaced at 3 minutes and 24 seconds, the Lakers also withdrew the main force, and finally lost to the Kings 112-116.

Davis is limited in the Twin Towers lineup in this game, and there is no tacit agreement with Westbrook. Davis is more accustomed to singles with the Lakers, but Westbrook likes pick-and-rolls, and Westbrook with limited range is also difficult for David. Si created space, which made it impossible for the two of them to fight the pick-and-roll together. The Lakers not only need to make good use of Davis on the inside, but also have time to find a tactical play that is comfortable for him and Westbrook.

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