Dax climbs over 14,000 points – Wirecard shares are again Pennystock

However, according to sentiment analysis, it is unlikely that the majority opinion will occur. One can smile about this view, but the sentiment forecast for the stock market year 2020 was largely correct, despite the corona pandemic. However, this does not apply to the course targets.

The Euwax sentiment of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange also provides the first signals for a further rise in the DAX. The indicator is derived from trading leverage products on the Dax and is considered a contra-indicator.

The Euwax sentiment shows: First investors are starting to hedge their profits: They are increasingly buying put leverage products that rise when the DAX is falling. No trend can yet be derived from this. However, if the private sector continues to buy put products, that would be an indicator of rising DAX prices.

And what do the investment professionals do? They are also rather skeptical about what can be deduced from the current survey by the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. After that, the number of optimists has more than halved.

What at first glance looks like the result of emerging panic has a different cause. The professionals have closed the year 2020, for their performance the closing price of the previous year is now With around 13,720 Dax meters, it is the linchpin in the perception of profits and losses.

For Joachim Goldberg, who evaluates the investor survey of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the Dax is currently in a favorable situation. Should the German benchmark index drop significantly, the new pessimists should support the Dax between 13,250 and 13,300 points at the latest.

Wirecard-Share is a penny stock again

The paper of the insolvent payment service provider Wirecard is slipping again after the turbulence of the previous days. The numbers around 3 p.m. are minus 35 percent to 70 cents with a volume of more than 17 million papers sold and bought. Two days ago the stock rose by 260 percent.

A look at the chart shows that the share still has downside potential. The lowest price is finally 30 cents. On Friday of this week, trading in the shares of the insolvent Wirecard ends on the Xetra trading system. On regional stock exchanges such as Berlin and Stuttgart, however, trading is likely to continue initially, traders said. The shares rose to their historic high in September 2018, when they peaked at almost 200 euros.

By the way: The “Financial Times”, which had a longstanding dispute with Wirecard, published a report on a six-page document from the Bafin that dates back to 2016.

The German financial supervisory authority then discussed the “cultural background” of the Wirecard short sellers and informed the Berlin Ministry of Finance that it was “noticeable” that most of those who bet against the now defunct payment group were British and Israelis. The six-page document highlighted a “wealth of suspicious market participants” who traded “extremely profitably” with Wirecard shares. In retrospect, it turned out that it was rather the other side, i.e. the Wirecard management board, that behaved suspiciously.

Look at the shares of Bayer and Curevac

Bayer/Curevac: The Leverkusen-based pharmaceutical company Bayer and the Tübingen corona vaccine developer Curevac have agreed on a global partnership. The plan is to produce several hundred million doses of the vaccine as soon as the drug authorities have granted approval. The model is similar to the alliance between the Mainz vaccine developer Biontech and the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

The share of Curevac rises by almost ten percent. It is a very volatile paper: In the past few weeks, the Curevac price has meanwhile more than halved, but is still 56 percent up in a three-month comparison. Bayer shares also benefit from this deal, increasing by 2.9 percent.

Heidelberg Cement: The price rally in the cement manufacturer’s share continues. Today, Wednesday, the paper increases by 3.5 percent to 67.97 euros. Since the end of October 2020, the title has climbed by almost 40 percent.

The analysts of the major French bank Societe Generale have the rating for that Heidelberg-CementShares increased from “hold” to “buy” and the price target increased from 59 to 71 euros.

The new political conditions in the USA play into the cards of the European building materials sector as a whole, especially those companies with business activities in the United States such as Heidelberg Cement. You benefit from increasing expenses for infrastructure.

The sector was the best in the Stoxx 600 industry overview on Thursday with a plus of 2.1 percent, led by the shares of the French group Saint Gobain with an increase of more than seven percent. The final quarter of Saint-Gobain was obviously much better than expected.

Bitcoin marks record high

The rapid soaring of Bitcoin continues. The oldest and most important cyber currency hit a new record high at $ 37,785 after the price more than tripled within three months. “More and more investors want to jump on the bandwagon for fear of missing the next big jump in price,” said market analyst Milan Cutkovic from the brokerage house Axi.

What the Dax chart technology says

The past trading days have shown: In the area of ​​13,600 points there is currently lively buying interest, there is now an important resistance. The slide below this mark on Tuesday was also over within half an hour.

On the upside, according to the bank’s technical analysts HSBC the 14,228 point mark as the next target price.

And one more positive piece of news: the price development of the first five trading days serves as a reliable harbinger of the trend in the further course of the year, the HSBC chart technicians have calculated. Therefore, a weekly closing price above the mark of 13,719 points, the year-end closing of 2020, would be good news in the young year 2021.

Here is the page with the Dax course, here are the current tops & flops in the Dax.


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