News Day 21: the enemy

Day 21: the enemy


I carry the enemy in my pocket. We arrived at the end of the day, after having done what was necessary to maintain sanity, with our tongues out and eyes tired from so much effort. And at that moment I remember that there have been things that have happened that we may not have known about. From friends who have uploaded a photo to Instagram. From the latest blunder by a celebrity on Twitter. Of the meme about the coronavirus that have passed us through WhatsApp and that I must share with our group of friends. Or, God save us, from the latest and most unfortunate headline, political statement. From the last outburst of the rival party leader to condemn, from the last outrage of the own party to apologize and defend with a “And you more.” Enough of that, I said to myself. Enough wasting valuable seconds of our time looking for some statements, an offensive photo, a newspaper headline that leaves things in their place. Why do not you do it. With how well we would be sleeping, if possible until June. .



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