Day “under very high tension” in perspective at the Daval trial

“A day under very high emotional tension” before the assizes of the Haute-Saône: with the hearing of Alexia’s parents and the interrogation of Jonathann, the Daval trial will undoubtedly know its climax on Wednesday.

The confrontation of Isabelle and Jean-Marie Fouillot with the accused is all the more expected as they expect “revelations” and intend to ask him very directly “why” he killed their daughter.

It was to take place on Tuesday. But long technical debates led the president of the Assize Court, Matthieu Husson, to postpone it to Wednesday, a day when an investigator and several witnesses should also take the stand.

– “Crucial” –

It will be “a new crucial day”, predicted Isabelle Fouillot to the press, “the day or never” to tell Jonathann “everything I have on my heart”, she further underlined.

“I hope I can say what I have to say with my words”, added, the voice broken by the emotion, her husband, Jean-Pierre, confident that it was difficult for him to “speak about Alexia” .

Alexia’s sister and her husband, Stéphanie and Grégory Gay, will also come to testify. The face-to-face between the latter and his brother-in-law promises to be tense: during the investigation, Jonathann had for a time accused Grégory of having killed Alexia.

Jonathann Daval, who had played the tearful widowers for three months before being arrested, delivered during the investigation no less than seven versions of the death of his wife, a bank employee found dead on October 30, 2017 in a wood a few kilometers from the marital home of Gray-la-Ville (Haute-Saône).

He had confessed to the murder before retracting and inventing an incredible family plot, to finally recognize again the murder of his wife committed according to him during a violent marital dispute.

The 36-year-old computer scientist, who also admitted to having partly set his wife’s body on fire, maintains however that he never wanted to kill her.

– “Right in the eyes” –

We must “listen with great respect to what Alexia’s family has to say”, one of his lawyers, Randall Schwerdorffer, told AFP.

This new confrontation between the thirty-something and his former mother-in-law promises to be intense: it is in front of her that he had cracked during a hearing in December 2018 in the office of the investigating judge, once again recognizing murder.

The defense has also asked that this hearing, which had been filmed, be broadcast Wednesday at the trial.

Ms. Fouillot “wants to ask her these questions straight in the eyes. She is ready to hear it (this truth, editor’s note) and she wishes to hear it”, told AFP one of the lawyers for the civil parties, Me Jean-Hubert Portejoie.

“Anything can happen tomorrow,” said the board. “There have been so many lies from Jonathann Daval for three years that inevitably, it is hard to believe his latest version.”

The stake is double Wednesday for the accused: this confrontation with his former in-laws then a long interrogation. He has only spoken once so far. It was Monday, at the opening of his trial when he reaffirmed with a simple “yes” that he was the murderer of his wife and the sole perpetrator of this crime.

“He will try to answer all the questions (…) I have every confidence in him tomorrow to speak with the greatest sincerity”, assured Me Schwerdorffer, who promises a “day under high emotional tension”.

– “Lie” –

Jonathann and Alexia Daval looked like an ideal couple. But they actually lived in full “conjugopathy”, according to Me Schwerdorffer. “We were faced with a couple in great pain who did not know how to get out of it and who did not get out of it,” he analyzed.

Jonathann had “a mode of operation based on lies”, admitted the lawyer, well aware that “the only possibility” for his client “to have a fair trial” is now “to be authentic and sincere “, he” owes it to his family “and” to Alexia’s family “.

“He apprehends but he is in the dynamic to collaborate and explain himself”, summed up his other lawyer, Me Ornella Spatafora.

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