“Day without VAT in Cartagena was a valuable exercise”: (Fenalco) Bolivar

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The first day without VAT met the pass on Friday was the opportunity to demonstrate that the shopping centers of Cartagena are prepared for the process of reopening, said the director of the branch of the National Federation of Merchants, Patricia Osorio.

When you submit the balance of the day Friday, stressed the exercise “valuable” to the citizenship that, contrary to what happened in some cities, went out to do shopping, “giving an example of order and respect to the regulations in force and follow-up recommendations of the self-care”.

The leader of the guild stated that according to the report of the establishments affiliated (Fenalco), the capacity was controlled not to exceed the number allowed by terms in the malls took over and reinforced the measures in order to ensure the safety of both employees and visitors.

“The 90% activated the sales for virtual channels. Which exceeded by up to 40 percent of the expectations of the establishments since the start of the pandemic.”

On crowding, the director of the guild said that andl 84% reported as normal during the activities and that where it was necessary to involved the Police, to achieve control and the appropriate access to the different establishments.

“Security was a factor, because 90% of the businesses reported not having problems of safety in the establishment and/or environment. The presence of the Police was vital and effective”, he added.

He finally recalled that though she was denied the request of the guild to extend the hours enabled for the Peak and cedula and people excepted, succeeded mayor William Dau to take back the curfew.



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