Days Gone creative director blames poor ratings on ‘biased reviewers’


More than three years have passed since the release of Days Gone (almost two years have passed since directors Jeff Ross and John Garvin left), and Garvin is still bitter about the game’s poor reception, blaming “biased reviewers who couldn’t get over the fact that a white biker was looking at his companion’s butt.” This is nothing new for Garvin, as last year he appeared on David Yaffe’s podcast and said he didn’t want to succumb to political correctness and “please the social justice warriors.”

This was a clear reference to complaints that The Last of Us Part 2 had too much woke culture. Garvin repeatedly claimed that this was the reason for Day’s Gone’s low critical scores, and he holds this view today. Although, in fact, Days Gone would have been just as badly received if Deacon had looked at his companion’s ass as he walked by.

He returned to the Days Gone discussion because someone tweeted: “I’ll never understand how this game didn’t get critical acclaim. One of the few times I was completely blown away because I was expecting a bad experience based on the reviews “.

Garvin responded with three comments, the first regarding technical issues and frame rates, and the other two stating that reviewers “didn’t bother to play the game”. This is a fairly common accusation made when negative reviews appear, and we see it again in the case of The Callisto Protocol, but it does not carry much weight. Incomplete reviews are usually marked as “In Progress” and are not scored until the reviewer has completed the game.

As many in the comments point out, there’s no evidence for what Garvin claims, and the reviews weren’t all that bad. Days Gone received an average score of 71 on Metacritic, which is seven out of ten. The game didn’t quite reach the heights that Sony usually puts on 8s and 9s, but it wasn’t on par with Balan Wonderworld, Babylon’s Fall, or even Marvel’s Avengers.

After all, Days Gone didn’t get good reviews. Not every game gets eights and nines out of ten, but three years of repeating the same arguments must get boring at some point, right? Meanwhile, Garvin is busy with his blockchain project at his new studio.

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