DCEU: Henry Cavill back in the role of Superman to start again?

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Super surprise for fans of DC Comics and of Henry Cavill, the actor is currently in the middle of negotiations to once again play Superman on the big screen. A surprising rumor, since so far everything has led to believe that Warner Bros had completely abandoned the idea of ​​continuing the adventures of the Clark Kent introduced in Man of Steel. Despite the fact that Henry Cavill had repeatedly insisted that the role is still his, there was reason to doubt it. However, even if these negotiations lead to the return of his version of the hero, will his future in the DCEU be assured?

Superman (Henry Cavill) in Man of Steel

The latest information on Superman’s potential return does not speak of a Man of Steel 2, but of a possible appearance in another blockbuster of the DCEU. Which, for now, lets us think that the hero played by Henry Cavill will ultimately have no franchise to him. It would not be a bad thing, since he would nonetheless be part of the DCEU. note that its presence in the scenarios of The Batman, Aquaman 2, Black adam and The Flash has been ruled out. Shazam 2 is therefore the most likely possibility. However, between a brief cameo at the end of a film and a full place in a plot, there is a major difference. This return could thus have no real impact in the DCEU, and only serve to satisfy the fans as well as maintain certain connections between the films.

We could also see in this potential comeback a way for the studios to say goodbye to this version of Superman, and to give an explanation for its absence in the future of the DCEU. Indeed, if the return of Henry Cavill in the role would be surprising, it is also because Warner Bros and DC seemed determined to go ahead with the hero. Be ready to bring a new adaptation of Superman to the big screen. Otherwise, The Flash, currently scheduled for 2022, should follow the famous Arc Flashpoint whose intrigue revolves around the existence of an alternative timeline. Even if the presence of Superman in the script has been ruled out, this new blockbuster could be used to delete or replace certain characters doomed to disappear. For example, the version of Batman interpreted by Ben Affleck.

Superman (Henry Cavill) in Man of Steel
Superman (Henry Cavill) in Man of Steel

Henry Cavill and his version of Clark Kent could also face the same fate. If the negotiations prove to be true and the latter plays the Kryptonian hero again, it is therefore possible that this is for the purpose of preparing for his departure from the DCEU and not the expansion of the cinematic universe around Superman. Unless, on the contrary, it is a way for Warner Bros and DC Comics to keep the character aside and to be able to make him come and go as they please. Since the release of Justice league, the new logic followed by the DCEU is unclear. Is a complete reboot of the universe about to take place? Which characters will stay and which will leave? Hope that we will soon have the answers to all our questions.



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