De Croo will aim to regenerate measures that had been maintained in Wallonia and Brussels, says Dermagne

This meeting is not exceptional, as part of the preparation of a consultation committee as scheduled for Friday, observed Mr. Dermagne, on the set of “It’s not every day Sunday “(RTL-TVi). He qualifies the health situation as “worrying”, requiring additional measures to be taken. But there is no question of closing certain sectors of the economy, he confirmed.

The ministers will talk about wearing a mask in public spaces and shops, as well as teleworking. “These are measures that exist in Wallonia and Brussels and which will undoubtedly have to be regenerated throughout the territory”. Following the consultation committee of September 17, during which a “federal base” of measures had been defined, the Regions were left free to adopt more restrictive rules if the epidemiological situation on their territory so required. which had been the case in Brussels and Wallonia. Flanders, for its part, has largely stuck to the federal base: since October 1, wearing a mask is no longer compulsory in stores, restaurants, sports halls, in an administration or at the cinema. Moreover, since September 1, teleworking is no longer strongly recommended in Flanders or Wallonia, but in Brussels.

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