De Dietrich DOP8780X built-in oven test: seduction in cooking

In manual mode – or expert therefore -, the De Dietrich DOP8780X has 11 cooking modes which cover many different uses. The cook should therefore never be caught off guard, whatever the situations encountered in the kitchen.

You can choose a rotating heat mode (the annular resistance and the fan work together), combined heat (all the resistances heat up and the fan rotates to distribute the heat), a traditional mode (only the vault and floor resistances work), eco, ventilated grill (the upper heating element and the fan work), ventilated sole (to dry the bottom of pies or quiches), variable grill (four intensity levels), keep warm, defrost, bread or drying.

The cooking assistants (culinary guide or chef mode) bring together 35 recipes. Obviously, it happens that certain automatic programs are duplicated; this is the case with chicken, for example, found in both tabs. Nevertheless, despite these repetitions, the selection made by De Dietrich is relatively complete. And with a little research, novice chefs will easily find an automatic program that will suit their needs.

And as we have already pointed out, the use of the cooking assistants takes full advantage of the large screen present on the DOP8780X since the name of the preparations is written in full. We therefore do without the manual without any problem; this is not the case with some built-in ovens with an unsophisticated electronic display (such as that of the Dual Cook Flex NV75N5671RS) which replaces the names with alphanumeric codes which must then be transferred to an index in the paper notice.

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