De Paul and Gonzalo Heredia denied having had an affair with China Suárez

De Paul got the rumors and this is what he told the journalist Flavio Azzaro. “They went crazy, I don’t know from where, I never saw China in my life. I swear by Francesca – her daughter – that in life I spoke, I communicated or something with her. I get angry for Cami, my jermu eats this hen, but hey. I don’t mess around, they’ll forget tomorrow for sure. I hope this stupidity passes ”.

Another of those mentioned in the “Wandagate” was the actor Gonzalo heredia, “She gores him, he discovers her with a mega-known actor. Vicuña discovers infidelity over the phone, she does not deny it. He is an actor with whom there would be a link, known to him,” was what Yanina Latorre said. in relation to the separation of Suarez from Benjamin Vicuña.

In addition, Latorre assured that “he is married to an actress” who has already “found out”. “The four of them were forgiven. I will not say the name, because they are still together and there are children involved.” Giving all the signs that the character in question was none other than Heredia. The actor echoed this on the networks and chose to respond in his own way.


“Not with me, Barone”, It was the phrase of Beatriz Sarlo (he said it at least a decade ago in the program 678) that the actor chose to destroy any type of affair with the former Vicuña.

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