Deadly cat disease in the Netherlands: this is how you protect your cat

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Feline disease has been reported in the Netherlands. The disease, also known as Panleukopenia, is a deadly virus. Dutch veterinary practices are sounding the alarm: get vaccinated non-vaccinated cats.

Panleukopenia is the most deadly virus disease in a cat, and cats that are not vaccinated are especially at risk. The virus is extremely contagious, and the environment of a cat suffering from the disease can remain contagious for months.

Pet passport

The call to cat owners is therefore: check the vaccination status of your cat in the animal passport. This applies not only to outdoor cats, but also to indoor cats. The virus is spread not only through an infected cat (through feces), but also through infected areas, or through shoes, clothes and hands of owners or caregivers who enter the house.


How can you recognize that your animal has the virus? The symptoms come on very quickly after an infection and include vomiting, diarrhea, high fever and severe lethargy. Treatment usually comes too late, although there is a chance of recovery if the cat is immediately tested and treated at a vet.

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