Deadly stab in Namur: the victim, Esteban Soltau Diaz, was a student at Ilon-Saint-Jacques (video)

The victim of the fatal stab wound this Thursday evening in the center of Namur is a young student of 5th professional, hotel option, at Ilon Saint-Jacques, Esteban Soltau Diaz. “A student without history, known to be the little comedian and the mascot of his class” describes Luc Bourdoux, director of the school. This Friday morning, at the scene of the events at the exit of the Wérennne gallery, rue de l’Inquiétude, several dozen young people, friends and acquaintances of the boy, gathered, laying flowers in tribute to the victim.

The drama took place shortly after 6 p.m. Thursday on the public highway, in front of several people: “I had just started my service and I saw in front of my window two young people who were fighting,” says Maria Di Stefano, owner of the snack bar “L’ilôt Pâtes”. Several people intervened to separate them, then at some point the fight resumed. “ According to other direct witnesses, a knife suddenly fell from the pocket of one of the two protagonists. One of the two, named Arthur and also 18 years old, would have picked it up, striking Esteban Soltau Diaz in the chest.

“We immediately called the emergency services and while waiting for them we compressed the wound of the injured youngster,” continues Maria Di Stefano, still in shock.

The perpetrator reportedly fled. The Namur prosecutor’s office indicated this Friday morning that a suspect was arrested during the night, around 5 a.m., in Andoy.

According to the first elements of the investigation, the case takes place in a context of romantic rivalry between the two young people. Esteban reportedly flirted with Arthur’s girlfriend recently: “Esteban knew that the other, angry, had been looking for him for several days following this and he had decided to meet him to explain himself” says Arnaud Haché, owner of the “L’Apéro” café, also located at the exit of the Wérenne gallery and where Esteban and his friends were regulars. “They were there on Thursday and Esteban left for the meeting with his rival. A few minutes after the events his friends came back to tell them what had just happened.”

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