Dear Scarlett’s Magic Code, Gunsling Dogs and Ransomware Millions

At 18, she paid for her cocaine by working as a stripper. But, luckily, young Cher Scarlett also knew how to code. This programming talent, acquired before her setbacks with depression and drugs, when she was still a promising high school student in the Seattle area, gave her a rebound worthy of the fairy tales of American meritocracy. Cher was able to raise her daughter on her own thanks to her coding shifts for various prestigious websites, including that of the newspaper USA Today, before landing his dream job last year, among the elite developers of the giant Apple. the Washington Post draws an admiring portrait of this charismatic 36-year-old hard worker, as much for her career as for her new role as leader of AppleToo, a movement of employees who accuses the technological giant of wage discrimination and sexism.

The article recalls that protest and social movements in tech are almost always the work of women, whether it is the creation of a union at Google or the revelations at Facebook. Dear Scarlett is at least protected by her notoriety from the wrath of management. Her colleague Janneke Parrish, also an AppleToo figure, was, according to The Verge, fired last week under the most dubious pretext.

Joe’s Wings

Joe Biden, despite blocking his huge plan to fight global warming, is still bent on planting thousands of wind turbines off the coast of the United States. Ars Technica confirms that the government intends to increase this electricity production from 4 to 30 gigawatts in ten years and is working to identify possible sites on the coasts of the State of New York, New Jersey, North Carolina and South. Projects are even more advanced in Virginia, the Gulf of Mexico and California. One fear remains: a defeat of the Democratic President in 2024 and his replacement by a candidate hostile to renewable energies (Donald Trump?) Would certainly be fatal to the major ecological maneuvers underway.

Ouaf ouaf

He is a good dog-dog who never bites, but he can slay you without scruple at a distance of 1200 meters thanks to the high-tech rifle he


Philippe Coste

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