News Death and resurrection of María Jiménez

Death and resurrection of María Jiménez


«I arrived dead at the hospital and I have risen». María Jiménez was admitted to the ICU of the Virgen del Rocío hospital in Seville for almost three months. Her situation was so delicate that even some of the nurses (more gossips) left her for dead during her stay. It was these same that initiated all kinds of rumors about his state of health, which caused that some means of communication will even publish his death. Luckily, he was scared. «One quite large», recognizes the singer Bertín Osborne, who moved to the town of Chiclana de la Frontera in Cádiz to meet her again. The worst part was suffered by his family, “because I was in the inopia.”

«I was going to have a colon operation. My sister did not look good and told me to go to Seville. It seems that a friend of ours came, who is a nurse and told her that I was dying. I was in a coma and they took me to Seville. They put me dead to the hospital and I have risen, and here I am, ”said María Jiménez on“ Saturday Deluxe ”a few months ago. When he regained consciousness, the first thing the singer heard was his sister and his son cry. “They kept telling me they loved me and I didn’t understand anything,” confesses Bertin.

With the last fright and surrounded by her family and a group of friends, the Sevillian artist comments with her particular sense of humor how she experienced her operation due to an intestinal obstruction, her long hospital stay and her rapid recovery in the last installment of the season of «My house is yours» (Telecinco, 22.00). “When they admitted me, it was because I didn’t screw up,” the story begins without any hesitation.

What Bertín did not imagine is that he was going to witness the “resurrection party” of María Jiménez. The charismatic artist assures Osborne with humor that “she was not dead, she was partying” and demonstrates in her interview that she has energy for a while. Isabel, sister of the singer, tells how she was admitted to the hospital and her subsequent operation. Although Maria does not agree on everything that counts.

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During the meeting, his son Alejandro and his wife Danae explain how they started their love story and their close relationship with María Jiménez. “She is not the typical mother-in-law, she makes everything very easy for us and we get along very well,” says Danae, who acknowledges that she would have liked to meet Pepe Sancho, Alejandro’s father, to try to mediate the relationship between the actor and his son.

The party begins with the arrival of the singers Pitingo and Miguel Poveda carrying with them a pot of cabbage for lunch. Pitingo recalls funny anecdotes about his first trip to the United States and how he was hired for a surprise performance before the Obama family. Meanwhile, Poveda surprises her mother, an unconditional follower of María Jiménez, inviting her to join the celebration. The Barcelona-born cantaor confesses to Bertín that his house never missed the music of the artist and how he got excited when she cried when she saw him sing for the first time.

Two consolidated names of flamenco, Remedios Amaya and Manuel Lombo, and Isidoro Macías, a Franciscan religious nicknamed “Father Patera”, who for more than three decades has lent his support to immigrants arriving in Algeciras, join the celebration of Jiménez. At the end of the party, Maria herself starts singing along with her friends, demonstrating that her vocal talent has not been affected by her health problems. .


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