Death mourns Hajjaj Abdel Azim twice in 4 days

top artist Hajjaj Abdel Azim, Research indicators After announcing the death of his sister Fatima, who left our world two days ago, and a number of artists supported their colleague Hajjaj Abdel Azim on the social networking pages, where the artist Salah Abdullah wrote: “God bless you. Naima.”

And the artist Hani Ramzy wrote: “Survival and permanence for God, my love, and may God comfort you and give you patience, O Lord.”

The artist, Hajjaj Abdel Azim, had recently announced, on his page on the social networking site “Facebook”, the death of his sister Fatima, and commented: My dear, affectionate sister, who was like a mother… Fatima Abdel Azim… Please pray for her and read Al-Fatihah… with a thousand Safety, dear.

Hajjaj Abdul-Azim’s tweet

The artist, Hajjaj Abdel Azim, had announced last Monday, the death of his wife’s sister, after a struggle with illness, asking the public to pray for her mercy and forgiveness, and wrote through his account on Facebook: “My wife’s sister passed away after a struggle with illness … Oh God, forgive her and pardon her.” and enter her into your paradise

Hajjaj Abdul-Azim's tweet
Hajjaj Abdul-Azim’s tweet

The artist Hajjaj Abdel Azim is participating in the play “Abu El Araby”, starring Hani Ramzy, Dalia El Behairy, Mohamed Gomaa, Ahmed Fathy, Amr Abdel Aziz and others, directed by Tamerkaram, written by Mohsen Rizk.

The artist, Hajjaj Abdel Azim, participated in the last Ramadan season in a radio series called “Al-Sahbajia”, which is broadcast on Radio Egypt, starring: Iman El-Sayed, Mirna Walid and Randa El-Behairy, and it was broadcast daily before breakfast.


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