Death of Johnny Hallyday: “Extremely unhappy”, Nathalie Baye confides in the last months of the singer

Nathalie Baye returned to the last months of Johnny Hallyday’s life. An end in suffering, alone in front of his TV, according to the words of the actress. She visited him several times before his disappearance with his daughter Laura Smet.

The two celebrities loved each other and stayed together for 4 years, between 1982 and 1986. Despite their separation, Nathalie Baye and Johnny Hallyday remained very close, says Closer. On the occasion of a portrait on the men of his life in the JDDthe actress revealed some details about the end of life of Johnny Hallyday.

“He looked like the living dead”

According to her, the singer would have withdrawn into himself and would have been unhappy in the last months of his existence. The actress who regularly visited the rocker in the United States with her daughter Laura Smet describes a lackluster image of Johnny.

“In the last few years, he was extremely unhappy in his life. He was all alone, all day, in his office, with the television on. I had never seen him go so badly. He looked like the living dead . I was sad that Laura saw her father in this state,” explains Nathalie Baye.

Our complicity and affection was present until the end

In an interview at Figaro in March 2018, the actress was ranting against Laeticia Hallyday. “I know Johnny, we loved each other. Our bond and affection was present until the end. Johnny loved his children, the eldest David and Laura as well as Jade and Joy. Unfortunately, the elders were the pet peeves of their beautiful -mother,” she said.

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