Death of Karima from the Fonky Family, voice of the hit “Bad Boys de Marseille”

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Karima, singer of Marseille rap group Fonky Family, is dead. She notably sang the chorus on the hit “Bad Boys de Marseille”, released in 1995.

MUSIC – She was the voice of one of the greatest hits in the history of French rap. This Wednesday, November 18 in the morning, the rapper Sat l’Artificier, member of the legendary group Fonky Family alongside in particular Pone, Don Choa and Le Rat Luciano, announced on Twitter the death of singer Karima, without specifying the circumstances.

“She was the female voice of the Bad Boys of Marseille. Karima, thank you for that legendary chorus … and all the rest, ”he wrote. “Rest in peace.”

On the famous track in collaboration with Akhenaton and Shurik’n from IAM, released in 1996 on the reissue of the album “Métèque et mat” AKH, it is indeed she who sang a chorus remained outstanding for generations of listeners of rap, in Marseilles and everywhere in France.

As Sat the Artificer said at the specialized site The ABCr of Sound in 2010, the young woman joined the Fonky Family at the start of the group, when they wanted to have sung and melodious refrains. “She had sung on a piece of the Rat and Choa and we really got hooked on her voice, so we told her that for us it was as if she was part of the group”, he related, explaining that Karima was notably on stage when the FF had met IAM and therefore on the cult track.

But from the moment the group had “taken a harder turn, she had had more and more difficulty in finding her place in the team, until the moment when she realized that it was no longer the hardly… ”, Sat still recounted. “It ended coldly. She wanted to stop singing to get into rap but it didn’t fit. ”

The fact remains that she will have contributed to one of the greatest successes of the group as well as to several other songs from the album “Métèque et Mat”, such as “Je suis pas à plaitre” and “ In the depths of a country ”.

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