Death of Neva, 22 months, under the blows of her stepfather in Frameries: her sister attended the scene, she had to be hospitalized

Neva, a 22-month-old girl, died in Frameries from a cerebral hemorrhage. Beatings were observed on his body and the mother’s companion, 28, was placed under arrest for murder. According to our information, the girl’s sister attended the drama.

The investigation into Neva’s murder continues. The 22-month-old girl was found dead in Frameries on February 2. The girl died as a result of a cerebral hemorrhage according to the first elements. The main suspect is his mother’s companion. He was placed under an arrest warrant for murder.

According to our information, the child’s sister witnessed the scene. It shows signs of serious negligence.

An emergency order was issued on February 4, two days after the child’s death from beating. The juvenile court decided to place the 3-year-old victim’s sister in a hospital for one month.

She was taken to hospital

“From the moment we notice violence, or that we have suspicions in relation to mistreatment, we will prefer to be able to provide care, examinations with psychologists and doctors”, justifies Yahima Kengo, criminal lawyer specializing in “youth” cases.

In the reasons for the decision, the court refers to worrying elements concerning the physical and psychological state of Neva’s sister. The child witnessed the circumstances of the death of his little sister and is very deeply shocked. She was taken to the hospital. On this occasion, signs of mistreatment were objected, at the very least, signs of mistreatment linked to significant negligence of his personal hygiene “, can we read.

“A child who is malnourished or who is in a deplorable state of hygiene, that raises questions. In Belgium, the system is quite well done, a machine is set up and is rather efficient. Unfortunately, in many places. sometimes it’s too late “, notes Jonathan De Taye, criminal lawyer.

A situation assessed by the judge

For the youth court, the situation seems clear. Neva’s big sister must now be protected. “Let us note that the physical or psychological integrity of the child is exposed directly and currently to a serious danger”, he writes.

“Since it is an emergency, a necessity, an imminent danger, the judge takes this measure directly for 30 days. After 30 days, the judge can renew again for another 30 days. see if voluntary aid can be put in place “, enlightens the criminal lawyer Yahima Kengo. The judge then reassesses his decision, taking particular account of the parents’ situation.

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