Death of Yves Rénier, the actor of Commissioner Moulin

Yves Rénier died at the age of 78. The actor played the commissioner Moulin in the series of the same name on TF1. His family shared the news with AFP.

Yves Rénier died overnight from Friday to Saturday from a heart attack at his home in Neuilly-sur-Seine. With his double hat as an actor and director, he was a key figure in cinema in France. He was first known for his role as Commissioner Moulin in the series of the same name on TF1.

His success pushed him to make films and series inspired by police cases. In 2018, he directed “Jacqueline Sauvage: It was him or me” with Muriel Robin. Last March, viewers were able to see Yves Rénier’s latest production: “La Traque”, a film inspired by the Michel Fourniret affair.

Again this April 22, the actor appeared alongside Jean-Luc Reichmann in an episode of “Léo Matteï, brigade des minors”.

He had other projects in progress, notably with Mathilde Seigner as part of a fiction film for France 2.

Yves Rénier leaves behind four children: Samantha in 1974, Lola in 1986, Jules in 1997 and finally, Oscar in 2000.

Tributes have followed one another on social networks since the announcement of his untimely death. Jean-Luc Reichmann reacted on Twitter: “Yves … Tell me it’s not possible. We were still on the phone yesterday. I kiss you like I love you.

Her friend, Catherine Marchal, also present in “Léo Matteï, brigade des minors”, sent her condolences: “You did not know how to laugh other than outbursts, I can still hear that laughter. We will miss you so much. You leave an exceptional family, I think of them. I am upset.


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