Deb Haaland to become Interior Minister – Biden advisors tested positive

In the 50 US states and the capital district of Washington come on Monday the total 538 electors to vote on the future president. In the vast majority of states, the election winner gets all the votes of the local electorate. According to the certified results, the Democrat Biden has 306 electorates and 232 the Republican incumbent Donald Trump. The The result will not be officially announced until January 6th in Congress in Washington.

Biden should am 20. Januar in Washington to be sworn in. On Monday, each elector will receive their own voting slip, which will be signed and sent to Vice President Mike Pence in his capacity as President of the US Senate. Copies are sent to other state and federal government institutions. Biden announced that he would comment on Monday evening (local time).

The Voting of the electorate is usually a formalitybecause the losing candidate usually admits his defeat on election night. But Trump still claims that he actually won the election and sees himself deprived of his victory by fraud. He wrote on Twitter on Sunday: “How do states and politicians confirm an election in which corruption and irregularities are consistently documented?” Neither Trump nor his lawyers or his supporters have provided evidence to support their allegations.

The Trump camp has so far failed with more than 50 lawsuits against the election result. On Friday, the Washington Supreme Court also dismissed a lawsuit aimed at overturning Biden’s victory in four states. Trump announced in an interview broadcast on Sunday by the broadcaster Fox News that he still wanted to continue fighting his defeat legally. “It’s not over,” he said. Trump is not given any real chances.


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