debris found in Jakarta Bay

“A Sriwijaya Air plane connecting Jakarta to Pontianak” on the island of Borneo “lost contact” shortly after 2:40 pm local time (7:40 GMT), Transport Ministry spokesman Adita Irawati told AFP.

The flight from Jakarta Soekarno-Hata International Airport normally takes 90 minutes to reach Pontianak but disappeared from radar a few minutes after take-off as it flew over the Java Sea.

The low-cost company said it was investigating, as well as rescue. The first debris of the device was found by fishermen in Jakarta Bay.

In October 2018, 189 people died in a Boeing 737 MAX crash that crashed into the Java Sea some 12 minutes after takeoff.

This crash and another involving the same model in Ethiopia were blamed on technical flaws, and the US aircraft maker was fined $ 2.5 billion this week for misleading authorities in the process. device approval.

Boats deployed on the site of the “probable” crash

Boats were deployed on Saturday at the site of the “probable” accident of a Boeing 737-500 of the Indonesian company Sriwijawa which lost contact with the control tower a few minutes after taking off from Jakarta with 62 people on board, Indonesian authorities announced.

“We are deploying our teams and boats to the probable site where (the aircraft) fell after losing contact” with the air traffic controllers, Bambang Suryo Aji, an emergency services official, told reporters. The plane had 62 passengers on board, including 10 children, and a crew of 12, said the transport ministry.


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