Decathlon scam: beware, a fake 1,000-euro gift card is circulating on Facebook

Attacks impersonating the famous sports brand Decathlon are spreading on social networks. Watch out for this new scam.

Be careful ! This Friday, September 24, UFC-What to Choose has alerted to a new scam affecting Decathlon. According to the association for the defense of consumers, a new phishing attempt is spreading on social networks and more particularly Facebook.

A fake quiz circulating on social networks

A false quiz for the “50 years” of the brand is currently circulating via Messenger. To participate, the user must enter his information and then share the game with twenty friends on social networks.

Informed of this scam, Decathlon warned Internet users. The brand confirmed to UFC-Que Choisir that it was facing an increase in this type of scam since the start of the pandemic. “As soon as we detect one, we act as quickly as possible to make it inaccessible.”

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