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Decentraland prices fail to rally after selling $2.4 million digital plot to Metaverse Group.

  • MANA hit a new all-time high of $5.85 recently following the sale of its digital land to Metaverse Group.
  • Analysts view the MANA price as strong and expect altcoins to outperform even after the consolidation of the market.
  • MANA prices have risen almost 40% in the past two weeks. It competes with blockchain game tokens such as Axie Infinity.
  • Mysterious whale moves 9 million MANA to unknown wallet address. This means that interest in the token is rapidly increasing.

The Decentraland price hit a new record two days ago. However, the price of the metaverse token fell and could not recover after selling the digital plot to Tokens.com. Analysts trust Decentraland and expect a reversal. character of trend

Analysts are up on the trend reversal in Decentraland prices.

good centraland The price hit an all-time high of $5.85 in the metaverse token rally. The price of the metaverse token fell nearly 25% from its all-time high in two days.

Metaverse Group, a real estate company focused on digital real estate, has spent $2.43 million on virtual real estate in Decentraland. The company pays double the asking price for digital real estate.

Despite receiving the highest interest from investors good centraland The price cannot be recovered from the decline. After a 40% increase in the past two weeks, the metaverse token is struggling to make a comeback.

Axie Infinity, a competitor in the blockchain game and the metaverse ecosystem, has seen a huge increase in the price of digital real estate aftermarket. Proponents expected a similar incident in Decentraland; However, the original content’s MANA is nearly 25% below its record level.

The whale movement indicates increased interest from traders. The mysterious MANA whale recently moved 9 million tokens worth $40.3 million to an unknown wallet address. This indicates interest in the token.

Ian Culley, Cryptocurrency Analyst Evaluate the Decentraland price trend and aim at $8.8 for the uptrend.

Michaël van de Poppe, cryptocurrency analyst and YouTuber, predicts that the MANA price may drop to $3.20 and presents an opportunity for longer-term trading. Analysts suggest looking for scalping opportunities and expecting. good centraland price to recover


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