News DECESS - El Cieguito de Nagua turned off his...

DECESS – El Cieguito de Nagua turned off his accordion


His real name was González Alvarado Pereyra, artistically he became known as Bartolo Alvarado, El Ciego de Nagua. He was born on January 10, 1947 in La Jaguita, Cabrera municipality, María Trinidad Sánchez province.

Of his ten siblings, he was the only one born without sight, but this did not limit him to developing his musical ear and talent. Son of Ramón Alvarado and Juana Pereyra, he was nicknamed Bartolo from his childhood.

Alvarado passed away Friday afternoon at age 72, in Brooklyn, New York, after suffering respiratory problems. For years he suffered from diabetes, hypertension and kidney problems.


Those who knew him from his childhood said that Bartolo took rhythm from all the objects that reached his hand. The first musical instrument he had in his hands was a drum, being just an infant, given to him by his grandfather who saw in the boy a great skill in music.

At seven his grandfather bought him an accordion, an instrument that he began to use with great skill and by 1956, when he was nine years old, he participated in the program “Looking for Stars” by La Voz Dominicana.

The fame of the child prodigy spread when his father went to Nagua to show off his artistic skills. He played with the grace and skill of an experienced musician.


At 18 years old, “El Cieguito de Nagua” was a consecrated musician and came the trips, the hires, the recordings and the musical successes.

His first musical success was titled “María”. Alvarado was a music professional and as such he made his first tour of the United States in 1973. That year he signed a contract to record with Disco Mundo. When he returned to the country, he made his final residence in Santiago.

In 1973 he recorded his biggest hit “La Luz”, the number that had the most public acceptance. That composition is by the Puerto Rican Alfonso Vélez. “I had a light / that lit me / and the breeze came, fua! / And turned it off /”.



In 2007 the Association of Art Chroniclers (Acroarte) dedicated the gala to nominations for the Cansandra Awards. Currently Sovereign.

Cultural Asset.

In 2013 the Ministry of Culture declared it a Cultural Asset of the Nation. In 2015, the Chamber of Deputies recognized González Alvarado Pereyra, popularly known as the “Cieguito de Nagua”, for his contributions to folklore and the cultural identity of the Dominican Republic.

Pride of my land.

In 2018 Pride of my Land was recognized by the Centro Cuesta Nacional by the Centro Cuesta Nacional.



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