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It is not only indicated by the increasing corona numbers: Austria will probably tighten the measures nationwide. “Today” shows what is now threatening.

Health Minister Rudi Anschober (Greens) was the first to suggest that Austria was about to take new corona measures. And in the next few days, which can be traced back to the most recently four-digit new infections per day. Although he welcomed the fact that the federal states would now implement their own security precautions in the most severely affected areas, he also made it clear: “Yes, we will need additional federal measures.”

The list of presumably coming measures is long, as “Today” shows. What is known is that the government is around a nationwide uniform, early curfew checks. So far, restaurants, bars and clubs in Tyrol have closed at 10 p.m., but other federal states have so far refused to move the curfew. In Vienna, SPÖ mayor Michael Ludwig recently opposed an earlier ban, restaurants are currently allowed to open until 1 a.m.

Also the end of the face visors should with an expansion of the mask requirement be rung in. “The focus of the measures” will be the protective mask, since the visors do not offer adequate virus protection and there should be a mask that is closed on all sides, Health Minister Anschober had announced. But a visor could be an alternative for people who for medical reasons cannot wear mouth and nose protection, penetrated from political circles.

It gets trickier with one Restricting meetings with relatives, friends and acquaintances. “30 percent fewer contacts means 50 percent fewer infections,” said the health minister, who did not go into any details on the subject. But there was certainly criticism. The citizens had proven in the spring and summer that compliance with the measures worked, now they are called upon again, but: “In parts of Austria there is not yet the joint action that we need.”

“We will need stronger protective measures so that we do not need a lockdown,” said Anschober. Everything is conceivable that could prevent the collapse of the health system. Accordingly are there new requirements for nursing homes and old people’s homes – For example, through new visiting regulations, conceivable. What the government definitely wants to avoid is a renewed lockdown of the country or such drastic measures as night curfews. But even if they are unlikely, the Minister of Health did not want to rule them out in the end.

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