Deck construction to save online games around the world Rogue Light “Super Bullet Break” will be delivered in the summer of 2022 for Steam / PS4 / Switch![INDIE Live Expo 2022]| Game * Spark

PQube is a strategy game by BeXide in “INDIE Live Expo 2022” delivered on May 22nd.Super Bullet BreakWas announced to be delivered in the summer of 2022 for Steam (Windows / Mac) / PS4 / Nintendo Switch.

This is a deck-building turn-based roguelike strategy game where you fight to solve unexplained obstacles in online games around the world and save the future of the game.Originally developed by BeXide for mobile, as a console version of the strategic pull shooting “Bullet Break”The title that was under developmentSo, the other day, the official website changed from “Bullet Break” to the specifications of this work.renewalIt was done.

Players can play with three main characters, “Akari”, “Hikaru”, and “Violet”, each with their own unique characteristics, and there are various plays from a solid style that emphasizes stability to a technical style that makes full use of combos. You can enjoy it. In addition, there are seven types of online games that appear in the game, such as love simulation, rhythm games, and shooting. These are treated as one stage, in which you will advance the story while fighting the enemy.

In the battle, all characters will fight by making full use of more than 160 units “Barrett” written down. Barretts can be strengthened by attaching “carts” with various abilities, and in this way customized bullets will be collected to build a deck. In addition, Barrett can be obtained by turning the gacha at the shop, but there is no billing element in this system. Its predecessor, “Bullet Break,” was a free-to-play item charge system, but this work is a sold-out title. In addition, it seems that there are various ways to obtain bullets, such as purchasing with the points “Giga” that can be earned in the game, battle rewards and treasure chests on the map.

“Super Bullet Break” will be distributed to Steam (Windows / Mac) / PS4 / Nintendo Switch in the summer of 2022.SteamNow the trial version is being delivered.

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