“Decolonizations, blood and tears”, an evening to heal French decolonizations

In 2018 in Stories of a nation, director Yann Coquart explored through a mosaic of intimate stories the construction of French identity and the country, but also the ambivalent relationship of the State to its immigrant populations since 1870. This work of memory continues with an evening exceptional on France 2.

An uncompromising two-part documentary by David Korn-Brzoza, co-written with historian Pascal Blanchard, aims to raise “The last great taboo in history” : French decolonizations in Asia and Africa, obtained in ” blood and tears Or painful renouncements. It is extended by a debate moderated by Julian Bugier.

Forced labor, razor-marked crosses on faces, bad potatoes donated “To the colonized and to the pigs »… All these acts of ordinary colonization, which were kept silent out of shame of humiliation, fed resentment towards France at the end of a quarter of a century of “Wars of independence, of crimes hidden for too long, of concealed massacres” in Indochina, Senegal or Algeria.

A memory for three voices

Produced from often unpublished and colored archive images, this double documentary gives a voice to those who rose up to demand the independence of their country after the Second World War, as well as to their children and children. -children.

This memoir in three voices, accompanied by implacable images for the French state, shows how France did everything in its power to avoid the dislocation of its empire, and how urgent it is today to heal the wounds in shedding light on this past to be part of a common memory.

This evening will be accompanied by an important editorial device, in particular on the Lumni educational platform, to give new generations the opportunity to achieve “A work of reconciliation”.


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