Deconfinement: the gyms open from June 2?

Can fitness and bodybuilding fans find the gyms from June 2? The specialists of the sector hope so and “have organized themselves in this direction”, assures Thierry Doll, president of France Active – fitness, outdoor and Indoor activities which impatiently awaits the announcements of Prime Minister Edouard Philippe this Thursday.

“What is circulating is that at least the sports halls located in the green zone could reopen on June 2; those in the red zone would be more mid-June, depending on the evolution of the situation. We have not yet had any official feedback, but we are optimistic, ”points out Céline Remy Wisselink, co-founder of the Neoness chain, which has 37 clubs in France and welcomes 160,000 practitioners a year. “If this is not the case, economically, it will be even more difficult,” she breathes, assuring that “everything is ready”.

“One in two treadmills will be condemned”

In the Fitness Park of Ville-du-Bois (Essonne), the 1,000 square meters of surface were also thoroughly disinfected at the start of the week in order to be “operational in the event of opening on Monday”, says the manager, Romain Beaufay who also specifies that “one out of two treadmills will be doomed”.

The profession did not wait for the green light from the government to work on a health protocol. “We have published a business guide which we have submitted to the Ministry of Labor for advice and validation. We are waiting for his return, ”says Thierry Doll. And to enumerate these rules: “it will be a practitioner for 5 square meters; condemnation of at least one machine in two to respect the required distance; establishment of a reservation system. We also offer a double disinfection which will be carried out by the customer before and after each use of the machine. “

A reservation system in place?

According to the imagined protocol, the organization of the changing rooms would also be reviewed with one out of two convicted criminals. “The collective showers will be closed, the individual cubicles could remain open if disinfected each time,” he adds.

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“There may be adjustments to be made here and there based on government recommendations. But we are hopeful that what has been proposed by the profession will be retained and allow openness “, specifies Céline Remy Wisselink of Neoness who intends,” even if it is not made compulsory “, put in place a system of reservation.

“During rush hour, for a club of 1,500 square meters for example, we usually receive between 150 and 200 people. A practitioner’s quota for 5 square meters will therefore be respected, she explains. But if there is this possibility to book, it will prevent our customers from queuing outside. They will be sure they can access the club. It is an additional service to offer. “

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