Deconfinement: what we can do from June 2 on the tennis courts

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If the respect of the sanitary rules remains the priority, the vice loosens for the tennis players and other disciplines under the aegis of the FFT. Phase 2 of the deconfinement, which begins this Tuesday, will mark the return of padel tennis, beach tennis, double matches and group lessons (6 students maximum for tennis and 4 for padel and beach tennis).

In the green zone, the practice of all disciplines will now be authorized outdoors and indoors. However, in the orange zone, only the practice outside or on sheltered grounds (provided that the four sides are fully open) will be allowed.

Living spaces will reopen

“We are convinced that this resumption of sporting activity will be beneficial for all of our fellow citizens without violating the health guidelines that the period requires. Phase 2 of the deconfinement is still only one stage in the fight to defeat the Covid-19 “, explains Bernard Giudicelli, the president of the FFT.

Depending on the zones, where the principles laid down in phase 1 (distancing, cleaning, differentiation of the balls, etc.) remain in force, it will also be possible to reopen club houses and catering areas. However, access to the collective changing rooms will remain prohibited.

Resumption of amateur tournaments in early July?

“We are moving forward,” said Giudicelli during a chat on Gaël Monfils’ Twitch channel. For the moment, 65% of the clubs have been able to open. From Wednesday, there will be an executive committee meeting to work on phase 3, supposed to start after June 22, and the resumption of amateur competition. We are hopeful to resume the tournaments in early July. “

Contrary to usual, there will be no final ranking of the season in September. “No player will descend between September and December, continues the president, the time to recalculate and rework our software. There are lots of simulations running and we hope to have a vision from September… ”


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