Deep pain for what they are going through with Eduardo Feinmann: “Always with you”

Sadness took over social networks in recent days, after the rumor circulated more strongly than ever. For several months there has been talk that Eduardo Feinmann, one of the greatest figures of A24, I could leave the canal. Apparently, it would not be the only one, since the names of Jonatan Avenue and of Luis Novaresio, regarding America TV.

The truth is that although he had played with this possibility a few weeks ago in dialogue with his friend Baby Etchecopar, now everything seems to be more complicated than ever, after he published a very harsh message on his Twitter account. This happened when he shared a message where they highlighted the pass that he stars day after day with the son of Mauro Viale, and that apparently is coming to an end.

“Too bad he’s one of the last @JonatanViale,” he said after they highlighted the coverage they carried out after the death of Diego Maradona. As expected, the pain of his followers and fans did not wait. «We follow you wherever you go
@edufeiok. I am sorry for them because I don’t know if they will do the rating without you … let them know … », the netizens assured.

«My old man always said that there is no harm that does not come. A24 had a rating with your program, so not only those of us who LOVE you will follow you, but also more people will see you, who did not share with that channel. Always with you @edufeiok and your whole team, I hope it accompanies you »,« A pity really. The best moment of Argentine TV. Successes in your new stage, “they said sadly.

Others came out to show their fury. «Very K is going to be 24 without Feinmann and Joni. Only Baby and Laje remain. The rest K »,« Everything indicates that they are perpetuated in power. They just informed me that Jony Viale, Baby and Feinmann are not going to be in A24 anymore. They are getting rid of anti-K journalists for an election year. More than they put one to enter the whole issue of counting the scrutinies. They are going to fuck us again », they launched.

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