deep sadness for the loss that affects a figure of MasterChef Celebrity SHOW The Intransigent

Despite having attended The thirteen Y America TV on several occasions, Telefe it became his home. We are talking about Sofia Pachano, exfigure of «MasterChef Celebrity», who gave it his all in today’s most popular cooking contest. Unfortunately, the cook and dancer goes through a moment of deep sadness for the death of someone fundamental in his life: his grandmother.

After the aforementioned, the artist dedicated some moving words to her family member through Instagram. «Grandma, I knew that this day when I was going to have to fire you was going to come at some point. Luckily I am not staying with this moment, I am keeping my 32 years of having you, I am keeping the 20 years that we have lived door to door », he began by recounting.

Immediately afterwards, the famous one said: «You were the love of my life, people talk about the“ love of their life ”only referring to couples, but I don’t think like that. Nobody looked at me with as much love as you looked at me, nobody. I know that I am surrounded by love but it is very difficult to describe your look. You took care of me when my parents worked, you kissed me, you taught me to walk in Las Heras Park and at 10 years old, a few meters from there, you taught me to walk alone from school to home on Calle Julián Álvarez ».

«You told me countless times the tale of the three little lions; you taught me self-love; You taught me without knowing it to be a feminist, to be an independent, strong and rebellious woman, in that I came out the same as you; You taught me that I always had to have spotless underwear because ‘see if something happens to you on the street’; you taught me that Hinz cream is the best because ‘Popi three pregnancies and not one brand’; you taught me that flushing in tacos is not crazy; You taught me that it was not a good idea to make a barbecue because you were going to spend it saying ‘this meat is tough, oh, I’m an assssquerosa for meat,’ “continued Pachano.

In closing, the former “MasterChef Celebrity” contestant said: “You showed me that one may not be the best mother but one can repair ties through grandchildren. Maybe when Grandpa and Grandma tattooed me there you understood how well you did everything, or last month when I read the introduction to my book and we got excited together, you finished understanding it. What I know now is that you are going to accompany me every day wherever I go.
I love you grandmother, hug grandfather for me. I love you Dorita, if you hear tacos today it is because surely my grandmother is washing the sky ».

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